Photogrammetry Trial List

After colluding with several other reconstructionists and Matt Klymson at Photomodeler, we’ve created a partial list of cases where photogrammetry has been accepted by the court, which can be downloaded here. To date, all cases involved Photomodeler (as opposed to hand calculations or some other software package). When known, it has been noted if the case involved an unknown camera or Lightpoint. You’ll notice the first case in the list was accepted in 1997, and the last 2015…running a total span of 18 years. This is a good document to have handy in the unlikely event that the validity of photogrammetry is questioned in your case.


I will keep this list up to date, and welcome any additional cases. A link for the trial list can also be found in the side column on any Lightpoint page aside from the homepage. Please email with any additional trial info.

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Louis R. Peck, M.S.M.E.
ACTAR #1663
Lightpoint Data