I’ve found Lightpoint’s motorcycle specs to be thorough and comprehensive. In fact, at a recent deposition, the opposing attorney positively commented on the spec sheet, specifically the source citations.
— Chris Kauderer (Kauderer & Associates)

Lightpoint Data is a tremendous resource for the accident reconstruction community. I have double checked exemplars that I’ve received and the accuracy is spot on. They are tremendously responsive and courteous. I sincerely appreciate their work and look forward to a continued relationship.
— Ronald J. Fijalwowski, Ph.D. (ARRCA)

Lightpoint delivers an exceptional product with their exemplar vehicle models. It’s my experience that their work is completed and delivered in the most professional of manners.
— Andres Navarro (Kimley-Horn)

Recently I received a rush assignment that required extremely accurate crush measurements and I was only provided vehicle photographs. As always, Lightpoint was the first place I started my analysis. Unfortunately, Lightpoint did not have this limited production older model vehicle in their database. I requested an exemplar vehicle and Lightpoint was able to find, document and complete an exemplar Photomodeler project within my very tight time frame. The end product was very professionally done and my client was very happy with the quick, efficient and accurate results.
— Jeff Suway, PE (Biomechanical Research and Testing)

I love the idea and the quality of data that Lightpoint is putting into its models. The database already has a good selection, and it will just keep getting more thorough.
— Dan Mills (DCM Technical Services)

Having the complete Photomodeler project along with the Lightpoint model makes good business sense. For just the time it takes to find an exemplar vehicle, let alone go photograph and measure it, you could’ve already had a Lightpoint model.
— Roman Beck (Beck Forensics, Inc.)

Our firm received a rush assignment requiring a derivation of crush from vehicle photographs. Lightpoint’s exemplar model not only saved our firm the time and trouble of locating and documenting an exemplar vehicle, it also saved us the time of starting a photomodeler project for use in our analysis. The project was exceptionally accurate and I would not hesitate to use this service again as the savings in time and exemplar rental costs can be passed on directly to the client.
— Rene Castaneda (Castaneda Engineering)

The models from Lightpoint Data are professionally done and thoroughly documented. After doing the math, it was obvious that it’s more cost effective to use Lightpoint’s exemplar rather than doing it myself. I save time and my client saves money.
— Joe Manning (Southwest Safety Consulting)

You have a very useful product that gives the reconstruction community another option when trying to track down appropriate exemplar vehicles. I look forward to using this product.
— Bruce McNally (McNally & Associates)