Why use Lightpoint?

Time and Money

Time and Money.jpg

The two most valuable commodities. Creating an exemplar model requires: research to locate an appropriate vehicle nearby, a call to the dealership requesting permission to move and measure the vehicle (and potentially wasted days waiting to hear back from the dealership manager/owner), travel to/from the dealer, time actually measuring the vehicle, and office time processing the obtained data. In the end, most reconstructionists will spend between 3 and 4 hours creating an exemplar. At $175/hour, those hours translate to $525-$700. A high-quality, extremely accurate exemplar can be downloaded from our site in 5 minutes for $225, saving you hours and your client $300-$475.  Happy clients who receive consistently lower bills are satisfied and return for more work.


Since the day of inception, accuracy has been paramount at Lightpoint. Several months were spent perfecting the process, and camera calibrations, to ensure the maximum residual error in all projects is below 1.0 pixel. In addition, a custom scale bar was CNC-machined to tight tolerances (+/- 0.005") to create the most accurate control measurement possible, which sets the scale for the entire project. Considering these factors and relevant research, you can be confident our models are more accurate than traditional hands-on measurements. 

Courtroom Credibility 

If questioned about the source of your exemplar measurements during a deposition or trial, the answer is simple, "The measurements were obtained from Lightpoint Data, a reputable company operated by an ACTAR accredited reconstructionist and mechanical engineer. Here are all related files, including a detailed accuracy report." Next question. 

Money back Guarantee

All of our models are covered by a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with a model for any reason, just let us know and we will refund your payment immediately plus an additional 10% for your trouble (note: this specific guarantee policy does not apply to subscription based payments).