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Leica BLK 360 Data

An accumulation of BLK360 data for review and analysis. We'll update this page as data continues to roll in, and are currently waiting for some vehicle scans, including those of black vehicles. Here is a link to download the BLK manual, as well as the spec sheet. The unit is $15,990, can capture 65 million points in 3:40 (add 1:40 to that for color), has a range of 60 m, a reported accuracy of 4 mm at 10 m and 7 mm at 20 m. Early reports indicate the scanner might have a very difficult time with black surfaces, as is somewhat expected considering its short wavelength (830 nm).

Site - Hotel Courtyard

Three scans, provided by Leica, of a hotel courtyard in PTS format.

White SUV.jpg

Vehicle Scans

Coming Soon.

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Black Vehicle Scans

Coming soon.