What if I use more exemplars than alotted by the plan?
That's no problem. You can reset the clock at any point by renweing your plan early. Upon renewal, you'll have another year of access. 

What is the innaugural training?
A one-hour training session with Lou can be scheduled for $100, where you'll share a screen and walk through any issues you might be having, or expect to have. That session can be used for a crush-from-photos training, learning to merge your damage data with an exemplar, etc.

What vehicles are in the exemplar database?
The current list can be downloaded here. However, we're adding several vehicles per week. 

What is the normal cost of an exemplar?
Vehicles in the database are $240 each, with the exception of some higher-end or exotic vehicles, which are $340. With the subscription, you'll have access to those exotics as well. 

What is the normal cost of an exemplar request?
A typical request is $365. Older vehicles, pickups, and exotics have an additional fee.

Does the plan apply to crush-from-photos analyses?
Yes. The exemplar discount offered by your plan will be applied to cost of the crush-from-photos analysis. 

What is an "end user"?
A testifying reconstructionist. So, an office comprised of two testifying recons and two associates, would qualify for the "Solo" pricing.

How do I get the data?
Upon purchase of the plan, you will be supplied with a unique coupone code that will allow you to download data related to your plan for free. Anything in stock can be downloaded 24/7.

Does the Motorcycle plan only cover datasheets in the database?
No. The Motorcycle plan also allows you to make datasheet requests at no charge. However, special requests and any Harley-Davidson will be subject to an additional charge. For Harleys, that charge is $20. 

What are digital office hours?
Every Monday at 10 am pacific time, Lou is available to customers of the exemplar programs for questions via email, phone, or screenshare.

How do I sign up?
Click the blue button above, it'll never be cheaper!