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Exemplar Models: Models currently in the database are $250/vehicle (aside from exotics). Typical vehicle requests can be made at $375 and will typically be delivered within five business days. There is a $50 fee for pickup trucks due to the various configurations, effort required to find the subject configuration, and the smaller likelihood for resale. Similarly, a $50 fee is applied for vehicles over 15 years old. Requests can often be fulfilled in less than 5 business days for an extra $200.

Motorcycle Specifications: Specs currently in the database are $85/vehicle, and requests for specs can be made for the same price, with the exception of Harley-Davidsons, which are an additional $20 due to the numerous available configurations, resultant decrease in likelihood for resale, and challenges presented with building the spec sheets. Orders are typically filled in two business days. 

Consulting: Crush modeling from appraisal or police photographs is $600 per vehicle. Scene evidence placement (tire marks, gouges, final rest, etc.) is billed at $250 per hour. 

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While credit cards (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa) are the method of preferred payment and allow for immediate download of your product, we understand that your firm or department may need to pay using check or purchase order. For that reason, we accept these methods of payment. Email with any payment related questions...we'll do what we can to make the transaction as painless as possible. 

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