1. What information is included in the motorcycle specification sheets?

An example sheet can be downloaded here. In brief, the sheets include the motorcycle dimensions and weights, engine details including rear-wheel horsepower, drivetrain info (chain/belt, sprocket sizing, number of gears), brake system info, tire sizing, and what electronics the motorcycle may be equipped with (including EDRs). In addition, performance data is included showing how quickly the motorcycle can reach a certain speed, and what braking rates are achievable. 

2. What are the sources for the motorcycle data?

Information regarding the motorcycle specifications are generally obtained from owner's and service manuals published by the manufacturer. Performance data is almost exclusively obtained from magazine testing (Motorcycle Consumer News, Sport Rider, Motorcyclists, RoadRacing World, etc.). Lightpoint Scientific has over 3,500 manuals and 4,000 performance tests in our database, allowing for efficient compilation of this data. 

3. I see two headlamps listed in the specification sheet, why?

If two headlamps are listed, the first is the low-beam and the second is the high-beam. If there is only one headlamp listed, it is used for both the low and high-beam functions. 

4. Why aren't individual gear ratios included on the specification sheets?

There is already a great source for gear ratio analysis here. If you click on the "Versions" tab and then click "History" you can see their data sources as well. Our sheets only include the sprocket info, so the investigator can determine if any changes have been made to the stock configuration, which would affect a gearing analysis. 

5. Who prepares the data?

All data is either compiled or quality-controlled by Louis Peck, an ACTAR accredited reconstructionist specializing in motorcycle accident reconstruction and former expert-level motorcycle roadracer.

6. How do I purchase the data?

You can click here to see data that is available for immediate purchase and download. If we don't have specs for your motorcycle of interest, requests can be made on the same page or by clicking the "Request MC Specs" button in the column to the right. 

7. How much are the motorcycle data sheets?

Sheets "in stock" and requests are both $85 (aside from Harley-Davidsons, which are $20 more for requests due to the numerous configurations of each model, and resultant decrease in likelihood for resale). 

8. What forms of payment are accepted?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted for immediate downloads. Checks and POs are accepted as well, but the product download link will not be sent until payment has cleared.  

9. Is a subscription service available?

Not at this point, though it might be offered down the line. Please contact lou@lightpointdata.com for inquiries.