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If you have appraisal or scene photos that depict damage to a vehicle, we can provide a model of the damaged vehicle merged with an exemplar for straightforward measurement. The final product is fully documented, has been tested in court, and includes the following: a DXF with the damage profile(s) shown over an exemplar (provided by us), the complete PhotoModeler project and all associated photos, a detailed project report, and screenshots from PhotoModeler showing exactly what was measured.

Photos can be sent via dropbox link, or similar, using the form displayed once the product is added to the cart. The photos can also be uploaded to our server via a link that will be sent in the order confirmation email.

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Order here if the exemplar is in our database:

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If you would prefer to upload photos for our review prior to submitting an order, please do so using the link below. This is a good option if you think the available photos may not be suitable for a photogrammetric analysis.