Reconstruction Technique Analysis (Survey Results)

In August, we posted a survey that received 217 responses from reconstructionists across the community. The results were interesting and I think will help Lightpoint shape our business to help the community as much as possible. 

Before looking at the results, it's important to see who responded. In short, 60% of the respondents were ACTAR accredited, 40% were active LEOs, and 31% were engineers. Note, there is some overlap between these characterizations, and that's why the total is not 100%. 

Respondent Composition.jpg

Now, knowing who responded, let's take a peek at the results. As expected, the vast majority (97%) of respondents utilize some sort of crush technique during the course of their analysis (traditional crush, motorcycle wheelbase reduction, impact severity analysis, etc.). 48% of the respondents currently own and use some sort of photogrammetry program.

When direct access to a damaged vehicle is possible, 69% of the respondents measure the vehicle using a tape measure, 22% use a crush jig, 62% use a total station, 29% use photogrammetry, and 24% use a laser scanner. As with above, the survey allowed selection of multiple options, for that reason, the total is not 100%. 

When performing a crush analysis, 51% of the group obtains exemplar measurements by traveling to a local auto dealer, 49% obtain rough measurements from an online vehicle specification database, 56% use vehicle specifications included within a software package (which are typically derived from a vehicle specification database), and 67% use Expert Autostats.

81% of the respondents were confident that crush could be measured using photographs, while 19% were not confident in the technique. 64% of the group has measured crush from photographs in the past, and 74% has placed scene evidence (tire marks, gouges, final rest, etc.) via photographs. 

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Louis R. Peck, M.S.M.E.
ACTAR #1663
Lightpoint Scientific